Creating an API Key

In order to sync your contacts from Memberful, we need you to create an API key so that we can add your members from Memberful into Audience Republic on your behalf. To create an API key, log into your Memberful site and select "Settings", then "Integrate". Select the "Custom Apps" tab and click the "Add a new Custom Application" button.

Use the application name "Audience Republic" and click "Create Custom Application".

Complete the connection process on Audience Republic by adding your newly created API key to the form that appears when you hit "Connect"

The site name is your Memberful Account URL. You can find this either in your account settings or in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Adding the Audience Republic webhook to your Memberful account

Webhooks are used to sync changes to your Memberful account across to Audience Republic. We need you to add our webhook URL so we can add new Memberful contacts to your Audience Republic database as well as track updated Plans and Subscriptions.

After you've connected your Memberful account, click the "Manage" button on the Audience Republic Integrations page to see your personalised webhook URL. Copy that url to your clipboard. Now log into your Memberful account and go to Settings, then Integrate. Go to the "Webhooks" tab and select "Add a new webhook".

In the name field, set the value to "Audience Republic" and listen to all events under the Member, Order, Plan, and Subscription headings. You form should look similar to the below image, but with the Endpoint URL you saved in your clipboard.

Finish this process by clicking "Create Webhook".

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