91% of texts are read in 3 minutes, making SMS marketing extremely effective when used correctly. Its also a channel that you can easily annoy your audience with if used incorrectly.

Follow these best practices to ensure your SMS campaign is effective and well received.

How to send an SMS

1. Keep your message short

The attention span of your audience is short and the character limit of a single SMS on Audience Republic is 124 characters. This channel is not email, it should be short and punchy. Use attention grabbing words like SALE or FREE

2. Start with your brand name

Don't forget to open with your brand name to let your audience know right away who the message is from.

3. Use personalization

Engage your audience by including their name and break through the impersonal barrier. Use Dynamic tags to include their name or a unique discount code / link.

4. Use a call-to-action

To drive the best results ensure your message includes a strong CTA with a URL to take that action.

  • Buy now

  • Register now

  • Last chance

5. Create urgency

Include a short window for your offer in the message such as "24 hours only" to ensure your audience acts fast and are less likely to put it off later.

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