Personalize your message with Dynamic tags. Include your contact's name, email, unique code or any field you wish.

To get started you need

  • A Pro, Plus or Email Marketing subscription. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or

How to create Dynamic tags

  • Navigate to the Message Center menu

  • Select New Message from the Messages tab

  • Choose the type of message you would like to send: Email, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

  • Choose the list you would like to send the message to from the drop down

  • Compose the message

  • Select Import dynamic tag from the top right for email

  • For SMS and Facebook, click Insert dynamic tag above the text box

  • Click Download this CSV file, to export the message list. This exact file must be used.

  • To add a custom tag, like a unique code or unique url, add and label a new column in the csv file and specify the content for each contact. Save the file,.

  • Upload the csv file to the same menu. Once uploaded you'll be able to insert tags into your message from the dynamic tags menu.

  • To use a name or email as the dynamic tag, simply upload the same exact file you download, no changes or additions needed.

Please note only the file which is downloaded from Audience Republic should be uploaded for the dynamic tag. If another file is used the tag will not work and your message may be sent incorrectly or fail to send.

Once the file has been been uploaded. You can insert the dynamic tag into the message.

How to insert the tag Email

  • Place your cursor where you would like the dynamic tag to appear in a text box of your email.

  • Select Merge Tags from the text tool bar and from the drop down menu select which field to insert

  • The tag will appear with the field name surrounded by brackets, for example: {{first_name}}

The message is now ready to be sent with your dynamic tag.

Note if you send a test email to someone outside of the message list with the dynamic tag, the the tag will not work. Ensure your test email is to someone within the message list.

How to insert the tag SMS and Facebook message:

  • Place your cursor in the message where you would like the dynamic tag to appear.

  • Select Insert dynamic tag from the message builder.

  • Choose which field you would like add to the message from the drop down.

  • The tag will appear in the preview with the field name surrounded by brackets, for example: {{first_name}}

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