Marketing to segments allows you to tailor you messaging to resonate with your target audience and drive more ticket sales.

How to create and combine, complex filters in Audience Republic.

To get started you need

Top 4 segments to drive ticket sales

1. Fans who purchased tickets to previous years, but not this year

Create a filter showing people who purchased tickets to your previous events, but have not yet purchased tickets to this year's event.

2. Fans who registered for presale but haven't purchased tickets

Create a filter of everyone who signed up for presale access to the event, but has not purchased tickets. This an extremely high value segment, because they have already expressed intent to buy tickets. By excluding existing ticket buyers, your reduce your ad spend and stop annoying your existing ticket buyers with ads or irrelevant messages/emails.

3. Top spending customers

Create a filter showing people who spent over a certain amount. Your top spending customers are your biggest promoters. Reward their loyalty with special offers or money can't buy experiences.

4. Fans who live in a certain location

Create a filter showing people who live in a particular location. Target your messaging to people who live near your event and are likely to attend.

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