Get to know your fans with Customer Profiles. Everything you need to know about your fans — including how much they’ve spent on tickets to your events, which of your events they’ve attended & their contact info.

Customer Profiles are available to Pro or Plus plans only.

Overview tab

This tab gives a top-line overview of the contact. From here you can edit their profile, add a tag, or add them to a list. You can also see how much they have spent, purchases they have made, events they have attended and campaigns they have participated in.

Purchases tab

Shows every purchase the contact has made, how many tickets and where that data is from.

Events tab

See every event the contact has attend, how many tickets they bought and how much they spent.

Campaigns tab

See every campaign the contact has participated in

Activity tab

See all the messages you have sent the contact, campaigns they participated in and events they bought tickets to in an activity feed format.

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