Edit or delete contacts in the Audience menu. You can also edit a contact in their Customer Profile.

To get started you need

  • A Basic, Pro, or Plus subscription. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or sales@audiencerepublic.com

How to edit or delete contacts in the Audience menu

To make the edit or delete buttons appear, you must first select the contacts

  • Navigate to the Audience menu

  • Select the contacts you wish to edit or delete

  • Choose the Edit or Delete action buttons

  • To edit, choose the property of the contact you wish to edit

  • Enter the edit you'd like to make,

  • Ensure the number of contacts populated is correct and check the box "Yes I want to apply this change to all # contacts".

  • Note you cannot edit the contact's email. If the email needs to be corrected please delete the contact and import a new one with the correct email address.

  • To delete, confirm the number of contacts to delete and click Delete

How to edit contacts in their Customer Profile

In a customer profile you can edit a contact. Customer profiles are available in the Pro or Plus plans only.

  • Open the Customer Profile

  • Click to edit any field in their profile

  • Note you cannot edit the contact's email

  • Click Save when you are happy with the edit

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