Campaigns sell more tickets, faster by increasing word of mouth, capturing data & building your audience. 

Audience Republic Campaigns use rewards that incentivise fans to share, refer friends and follow your social channels. 

  • Get up to 25x presale registrations

  • Sell more tickets, faster

  • Build your audience to reduce ad spend

How it works

  1. Build your campaign with our easy to use platform. Use your artwork, branding and colors. Your account manager reviews and gives feedback on your campaign.

  2. Promote the campaign URL through your channels: email, social, paid advertising (Facebook / Instagram).

  3. Fans enter the campaign and share, refer friends and follow to earn points and win rewards. Options available to earn points.

  4. When the campaign ends you contact winners and send out purchase links via email, SMS and Facebook Messenger.

  5. You have full ownership of the database. What registration fields you can capture.

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