Sync past, current and future events every hour from Eventbrite.

The user you connect must have permissions to "Manage 
orders and attendees" in Eventbrite.

Connect Eventbrite to Audience Republic

  • From your Account (bottom left) select Account Settings

  • Choose the Integrations tab

  • Click Connect Eventbrite

  • An Eventbrite dialog box will open, select Allow to connect your account


"Manage orders and attendees" permissions required

You will need permissions to "manage orders and attendees" to link your Eventbrite account to Audience Republic. If you connect an account with lower level permissions the ticket sales will not sync to the events.

Contact the manager of your Eventbrite account and ask for the right permissions. How to change user permissions in Eventbrite.

My event shows no ticket sales

Ensure you have connected a user with "manage orders and attendees" permissions.

Contact support

Encountered another issue? Get in touch with Audience Republic support who'll be happy to assist.

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