In Audience Republic Campaigns fans earn points to win rewards. To earn points they can complete these actions.

Share across social media

When fans register for a campaign they are given a unique URL, which they can share in a post to these social channels. You can choose how your audience shares across social media. Note fans are awarded points for the first post only.

  • Post to Facebook - 5 points

  • Post to Twitter - 5 points

  • Post to Linkedin - 5 points

Refer Friends

Fans earn 10 points for each friend they refer to the campaign. To count as a referral, the friend must register from the fan's unique URL. You can choose how your audience can refer friends.

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Instagram DM (mobile only)

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Whatsapp

  • Copy & Paste the URL


Fans earn points for following you on social media. Grow your audience by adding the social accounts for your event. You can also add associated brands.

  • Subscribe to Facebook Messenger - 10 points

  • Follow on Instagram - 5 points

  • Like on Facebook - 5 points

  • RSVP to a Facebook Event - 5 points

  • Follow a Spotify User or Artist - 5 points

  • Follow a Spotify Playlist - 5 points

  • Save a Spotify Track - 5 points

  • Follow Twitter - 5 points

  • Subscribe Youtube Channel - 5 points

  • Follow Snapchat - 5 points

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