Prize rewards incentivise fans to share, refer friends and follow you on social media.

The most effective prizes are "Money Can't Buy Experiences"

  • Play pool with an artist

  • Watch an act from side of stage

  • Hang out backstage

It is recommended to offer a prize for the top point scorer and some runner up prizes. This makes winning more attainable and will drive stronger engagement across your campaign overall.

 Beyond The Valley Presale Example Ticket and Prize Rewards

RNB Fridays Live Competition Example Prize Rewards


Get creative with your prizes, it will make your campaign standout and generate more viral word of mouth.

  • Meet & Greet

  • Side of Stage Viewing

  • 2 x Lifetime Tickets

  • Golden Ticket - 2 tickets to all promoter shows for 12 months

  • Play ping pong backstage with the band

  • Have a drink with the artist in their greenroom

  • Have an ice cream with the artist

  • The band plays in your back garden

  • Artist cooks you and friends dinner

  • Paints your portrait

  • Gives you a video call

  • Hang out on set while they film their new single

  • Helicopter into the festival with artist

  • Private Jet with artist between festivals

  • Backstage Tour

  • Exclusive access to the Soundcheck

  • Package Experience  

  • Ultimate Experience - Flights, 4 x VIP tickets, hotel room / glamping, free drinks, transfer to and from, merch

  • Romance evening - dinner, 2 tickets, transfers, private VIP viewing area, free drinks, merch

  • Recovery Package - Massage, hotel, meals, transfers, yoga / gym membership

  • Tickets to secret warm up party

  • Tickets to secret after party

  • Merch Pack for runner up prizes

  • Top 5 win 1 free ticket each

  • Sponsor / Associated brand prizes - great way to offer additional value to brand partners $500 gift card, Shopping Spree, Drink Tokens, Access to branded VIP area

  • Skip the Queue (VIP entrance, priority access)

  • Mystery Prize - Fireball + Socks !?!? Meet us at the bar midnight Saturday to find out...

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