To send a message, first create a list and then add contacts. Contacts can be added from either the Messaging or Audience menu.

Use the Messaging menu to import contacts in a CSV file directly to the list.

Use the Audience menu and filters to add existing contacts, for example from a Campaign, imported ticket sales, synced from Eventbrite or imported contacts.

To get started you need

  • A Pro, Plus or Email Marketing subscription. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or

How to import contacts to a list with a CSV file

  • Navigate to the Messaging menu
  • Choose the Lists tab
  • Search for the list to import contacts
  • *Note you cannot import contacts to a dynamic list
  • How to create a list, if you have not already
  • Click Import CSV files
  • Upload a CSV file
  • Map the columns to each of the fields and click Continue (Note email is a compulsory field)
  • The correct list should be auto-selected from the drop down
  • Add a tag, optional
  • Click Import contacts to begin the import process

Depending on the size of the file the import will take a few minutes. When the contacts have been successfully imported you will receive a confirmation email.

How to add existing contacts to a list

  • Navigate to the Audience menu
  • Search or filter for contacts to add to the list
  • Select the contacts to make the action buttons appear
  • Choose the Add to list button
  • Choose the list from the drop down menu and click Next
  • *Note you cannot add contacts to a dynamic list
  • How to create a list, if you have not already
  • Tick the message channels for these contacts
  • Select Subscribe all to add all selected contacts to the list
  • To only add contacts already subscribed, do not select Subscribe all
  • Click Add contacts

Depending on the amount of contacts it will take a few minutes to add them to the list.

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