Filters can be used in either the Audience or Insights menu.

Use the filters in the Audience menu to identify segments, which you can target with advertising or send a tailored messages too.

In the Insights menu, use filters to reveal insights for a specific segment.

To get started you need

  • A Basic, Pro, or Plus subscription. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or

How to apply filters in the Insights Menu

  • Navigate to the Insights menu
  • Click the Filter icon on the top left. This will expose to filter menu from the left side.
  • Choose +Add filter to reveal filter options
  • Full list of available filters
  • Select the filter you wish to apply and click Apply filter
  • The Audience table will adjust now to only reveal contacts which meet the filter criteria
  • To save this filter as a segment, click Save segment.
  • Apply an additional filter by clicking +Add filter
  • Remove the filter by clicking Clear

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How to use filters

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