To mass import events, you will need to prepare a spreadsheet outside of Audience Republic and save it as a CSV (commas separated value) file.

Event data can often be exported as a CSV file from most ticket platforms. You may need to adjust which fields are exported to match the required fields (see below). Speak to your ticket platform for more information on how to export event data with them.

To get started you need

  • A Basic, Pro, or Plus subscription. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or
  • These fields are required to import: Event name, Venue, Start date / time. A unique Event ID is required if you plan to mass import orders to these events.
  • Certain fields, like start date and time, must be formatted in a specific way. Make sure you're familiar with our format guidelines before you import your file.

How to format a CSV file to mass import events

  • Use a spreadsheet app like Google Sheets or Excel, open a blank worksheet.
  • Create a column labelled Event name (required field)
  • Next to the Event name column, create and label these other required columns: Start date / time and Venue. Add any other fields you want to import like, Event URL and Event ID
  • Insert event information into the relevant fields

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