Create, edit or delete an event in the Events menu. You can also automatically sync events with the Eventbrite integration.

To get started you need

  • A Campaigns, Basic, Pro, or Plus subscription. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or

How to create an event

  • Navigate to the Events menu
  • Choose Create new event from the top right
  • Enter the event name, location, capacity
  • Note the capacity is never publicly displayed and only used to track against ticket sales
  • Enter the start date time
  • End date and time is optional but recommended for multi-day events
  • The event image is optional and not publicly displayed
  • The event website is optional, but will be publicly displayed on any campaigns
  • Click Create event

You can now create a campaign for that event or import ticket sales.

How to edit or delete an event

  • Navigate to the Events menu
  • Search for the event to edit
  • Click the three dots on the event to open the drop down menu
  • Choose Edit
  • Edit the event details
  • Click Save event
  • To delete the event choose Delete from the drop down menu
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