Troubleshooting Facebook Messenger? Here's how to re-connect your account.


  • A Facebook Messenger account already connected to Audience Republic.
  • Admin level permission for the brand's Facebook page to re-connect to Audience Republic.

How to re-connect Facebook Messenger to Audience Republic

First remove the integration from Audience Republic

  • From your Account (bottom left) select Integrations
  • Select Manage Facebook Messenger
  • From the drop down menu Settings cog in the top right choose Remove Account
  • When the dialogue window appears, confirm you would like to Remove integration.

In Facebook remove Audience Republic from your Business integration

  • Go to and login to your account.
  • Click the down arrow in the top right of Facebook
  • Click Settings
  • Click Business Integrations on the left side
  • Tick the box next to Audience Republic and select Remove

Return to Audience Republic to re-connect your Messenger account

  • Go back to your Audience Republic account and from Account (bottom left) select the Integrations menu again 
  • Select Connect Facebook Messenger
  • A dialogue box from Facebook will appear, follow the prompts from Facebook to complete the connection.
  • To choose which brands you would like collect permissions select Choose what you allow, otherwise select OK to connect ALL brands that are connected to your Facebook page.
  • When the connection is completed, select Manage to see the brand has successfully connected. 

If the brand is marked as "Not connected", its likely you don't have admin level access or higher, which is required to connect.

If you have any live campaigns running that are collecting Messenger permissions, double check the brand is in the Messenger drop down in Step 6 of Edit Campaign.

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