To send emails from Audience Republic you first need to create a list.

To create a list you will need:

  • A subscription with Audience Republic which includes the Message Center & Email. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or

How to create a list and add contacts to the list:
First create the list

  • Navigate to the Message Center menu
  • Choose the List tab
  • Click Create list
  • Name the list
  • Under List Type choose Standard List
  • Click Next 
  • Tick Email and ensure SMS and Facebook Messenger are unticked 
  • Fill in the From email, From name and Business address details. Please note you will have to verify the From email so ensure you have access to the from email inbox.
  • Choose Save List

Now the list has been created you can add contacts. There are 2 different ways to add contacts.

  1. Add contacts direct to the list via CSV:

This method is the most efficient if you are migrating a list

  • From the Lists tab click on the list you have just created
  • Choose the Import contacts to upload a CSV file with all contacts you wish to add to the list.

         2. Add contacts via the Audience menu:
This method is the most efficient if you are sending an email to Audience Republic campaign registrations or have already imported / synced these contacts elsewhere. 

  • Navigate to the Audience menu
  • Open the filters sidebar
  • Choose + Add filter
  • Select Campaign from the drop down menu to create a list from Audience Republic campaign registrations OR choose the relevant filter.
  • Select Apply filter

When you apply the filter, the number of contacts in the Audience table will change to display only those who have registered for the campaign or whichever filter you have applied.

  • Select the top tick box to select all
  • Click Add to list
  • Click Add to list
  • From the drop down menu select the list you created earlier you wish to add the contacts to.
  • Click Next
  • Tick the Email box
  • Click Subscribe all to opt everyone into the email list. Super important you complete this step or they will not be added to the list
  • Click Add contacts

Contacts will all now be added to the list. If the list is more than 500 please allow a minute or two for them appear.

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