Building a tour campaign with multiple cities? Rather than building every city out individually you can duplicate them and save time. Already made a perfect campaign with best practice copy? Duplicate it and change the relevant details. Instructions how below:

Campaign requirements:

  • A subscription with Audience Republic which includes: Campaigns. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or
  • Need an account to create a campaign?Create a Free Account here, or click here to Request a Demo.

How to duplicate a campaign:

First create the event

  • To create the event navigate to the Events menu on the left
  • Click Create new event
  • Fill out all the event details (name, date, location, etc), then click Create Event

Then duplicate the campaign

  • Navigate to the Campaigns menu on the left
  • Find the campaign you want to duplicate and choose Duplicate from the drop down menu on the right side.
  • This will direct to a new page with your duplicated campaign. From the settings cog on the right choose Edit campaign to edit the campaign.
  • At the top of Step 1 click Change event
  • Choose the event you want associated and click Done

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