SMS is an incredibly powerful channel for Live Events. Most often used in Audience Republic to deliver presale purchase links to registrations.

                            11 Ways Live Events to Can Use SMS Marketing

To send the SMS you will need:

  • A subscription with Audience Republic which includes: Audience, Message Center and SMS. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or
  • A segment of fans with mobile numbers, including the country code imported into Audience Republic or collected in an Audience Republic Campaign.

If you meet the above criteria you can send an SMS. To send the SMS you will need to create an SMS list, segment the audience you wish to message and add to the list. Follow the steps below.

How to create an SMS list:

  • Navigate to the Message Center menu
  • Open the Lists tab
  • Click Create list
  • Name the list
  • Select Standard List to opt-in a segment of fans to receive the SMS or Automated List if your segment has already been opted in on Audience Republic and is saved to a filter.
  • Click Next
  • Tick the SMS box
  • Click Save List

How to segment your audience, add to a list and opt in to receive SMS:

If you have chosen a Standard List in the previous step, you will then need to segment the audience you want to message and add them to the list. If you have chosen an Automated List then you can skip this step. Skip to the next section for instructions on how to send the SMS from the Message Center.

  • Navigate to the Audience menu
  • Open the filters sidebar
  • Choose + Add filter - select the people you would like to send the message to.
  • If you are sending a message to presale campaign registrations, select the Campaign filter and tick the box for the campaign you want to send the message to.
  • Once the desired filter is selected click Apply Filter
  • With the filter now applied you can select all contacts from the filter (the top tick box on the contacts selects all visible contacts in the filter).
  • Click Add to list
  • Choose the list to add the contacts to from the drop down menu and click Next
  • Tick the SMS box AND subscribe all to opt everyone into the SMS list
  • Click Add contacts 

How to send the SMS from the Message Center:

  • Navigate to the Message Center menu
  • Click New Message and from the drop down menu select SMS
  • In the Top drop down menu select the list you want to send the message to
  • Compose your message in the text box, you will see a preview of the message on the mobile phone on the right.
  • To send the message now click Send Message
  • Or tick Schedule a time to send this message to send later

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