Send messages via your Facebook Messenger brand with Audience Republic. 

To send a Facebook Message you will need:

  • A subscription with Audience Republic which includes: Campaigns, Audience and the Message Center. If you're unsure what your subscription includes, please contact your account manager or
  • A segment of fans of who have subscribed or opted in to receive messages from your Messenger brand. Subscriptions can be collected with an Audience Republic campaign. You can check how many fans have subscribed to your brand in steps 1 - 6 below.

If you meet the above criteria you can send a Facebook Message. To send the message you will need to segment the subscribers, save them as a filter and create a message list. Follow the steps below.

How to segment fans who have subscribed to a Messenger brand and save as a filter:

  • Navigate to the Audience menu
  • Open the filters sidebar
  • Choose + Add filter
  • Select Facebook Messenger subscribers from the drop down.

  • From the drop down menu subscribed to all will be defaulted, leave as is.
  • Tick the brand you want to send the message from and has collected subscriptions.
  • Select Apply filter

When you apply the filter, the number of contacts and Audience table will change to display only those who have subscribed to that Messenger brand.

  • Choose Save filter to easily access this segment later. Next step is to turn this filter into a message list.

Create a message list

Once you have segmented subscribers and saved them as a filter, the next step is to create a message list.

  • Navigate to the Message Center
  • Choose the Lists tab
  • Select Create list

  • Name the list
  • Select Automated List to create a list from your saved filter. This will pull existing and future contacts that match the saved filter into the list. If you prefer to choose selected contacts to send the message to, choose Standard List
  • Click Next

  • Untick Email and SMS
  • Tick Facebook Messenger
  • Choose the brand you want to send the message from the drop down.
  • Click Save List

    You will be taken back to the List tab. Your list should now appear there, if you click on the list, it should open to display all contacts the message will be sent to.

Send the message
Your now ready to send the message!

  • Navigate to the Messaging menu
  • Select Message from the top right
  • Choose Facebook Messenger from the drop down.
  • Select the list you want to send the message to, in the drop down menu.
  • Type your message and click send

You can track the status of your message in the Message tab on the Message Center.

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