Facebook Custom Audiences

With Audience Republic's integration, automatically sync segments directly to Facebook Custom Audiences. 

Key Benefits

  • Leverage Audience Republic filters to create highly targeted audiences that automatically sync straight to your Facebook Ads account.
  • Save time and streamline your workflow with the Eventbrite and Facebook Custom Audiences integration. ¬†With both integrations connected to Audience Republic, you can keep your Facebook Custom Audiences up to date, automatically removing fans who have purchased a ticket to reduce your ad spend wastage and ensure you don't annoy fans who have already bought a ticket.

Most popular segments on Audience Republic to sync to Facebook Custom Audiences

  • Fans who registered for campaign but have not yet bought a ticket
  • Fans who bought a ticket last year, but not this year
  • Your entire database

Facebook Custom Audiences: A Guide for Music Festivals and Concert Promoters

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