With every campaign you run, your account manager should send you a results page, so you can monitor the results live as they come in. If you have access to Audience Manager, you can find this page under the campaigns tab on the right hand side. 

Hover your mouse over the image for the event you'd like to see results for or select from the drop down menu.

The results page will appear like the below.

"Total registrations" refers to the total number of people who have registered for the campaign with their email and phone number, in this case its 7,114.
"+114% increase in registrations" compares the increase from "Viral registrations" to registrations driven by the promoter. The formula for this number is 3,793 / 3,321 = 114%

Viral registrations are registrations that come from fans sharing the the campaign on social or directly with their friends. Eg: Bri registers for the campaign and then shares it on Facebook. Jared see's Bri's Facebook share and then registers from that link. Jared would count as a "Viral registration".

"Unique page views" refers to how many unique individuals we're driven to the registration page. "48% of visitors are registering" refers to what percentage of people hitting the registration page are actually registering for the campaign.

"Shares" are how many times have fans shared this campaign with their friends and on what platforms.

 "Follows" is how many fans have followed the event across socials, eg: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

"Connections" is how many people have connected their social and Spotify accounts. When they connect their accounts, Audience Republic pulls in that fan's data from each of those platforms, eg: age, gender, number of followers, and top artists / tracks.
This data can only be viewed in Audience Manager, a separate product from Campaigns. For more info on Audience Manager contact Bri@arep.co

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