What do the analytics in the Campaign Dashboard mean?

How to view analytics

  • Total registrations - the total number of people who have registered for the campaign.
  • Direct - Fans who register using the direct link, published via your marketing channels.
  • Via Audience Republic - Fans who we're referred to the platform via the incentivised sharing mechanism. Shows how many additional registrations the campaign drove.
% Increase in Registrations = Via Audience Republic divided by Direct

A healthy campaign typically has at least a 30% increase in registrations.

  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of unique page views who registered for the campaign. A healthy campaign has between 25 and 40% conversion rate.
  • Unique page views - How many unique individuals we're driven to the registration page.
  • Shares - The total number that fans have fans shared this campaign with their friends and on what platforms.
  • Follows - The total number of follows (subscribes) across socials channels.
  • Connections - How many fans have connected their Spotify accounts giving us their music and podcast listening history for the last 90 days. This data is only available on the Insights page of Pro and Plus plans.
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