To ensure only a specific list of people have access to purchase presale tickets, they should be sent a unique code with their ticket purchase link like below:

To do this via MailChimp, follow these steps: 

  1. Under the "List" tab, select the list you would like to allow presale access to and select "Import" from the drop down menu.

2. Select "CSV or tab-delimited text file"

3. Select a CSV file with each of the following columns: first name, last name, email, unique code. Click here for instructions on how to create unique codes.

4. Label and map each of the columns, including the unique codes.

5. Tick "subscribed" and click "import."

6.  Your import is successful when you get this page.

7. Under the "Campaigns" tab, select "Create Campaign" and create the email you'd like to send out to fans for presale ticket access. Sample email structure below.

8. The unique code should be populated using Merge Tags. This can be selected from the drop down menu.

9. The merge tag appears like " *|MMERGE6|* " on the draft page, example below. This tag will populate with the unique code to unlock the presale for that particular person.

10. To create the link to purchase tickets, add the below to the ticket purchase link: 



You can now use this link to create the hyperlink as normal. Highlight the text you'd like to create the hyperlink and add the link using the "link" button.

11.  Your draft email will look like the below:

12.  The last steps are to test your email to ensure the codes are populating correctly. Select "Preview and Test" from the top right of the page and "Enter preview mode" from the drop down menu.

13. Turn on "Enable live merge tag info"

14. This should select a random name from the email list and their corresponding code for preview. Now the *|MMERGE6|* tag should populate as an actual code and when you click the "click here...." link, this should take you to the ticket purchase page and automatically use the unique code to unlock the presale. For this link to work, you must have selected "starts now" for that ticket type on your ticketing platform.

15. Use these arrows to test a few emails and ensure the codes are pulling through correctly.

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