To limit who can access the presale tickets, you will need to give each ticket buyer, a unique code. 

See the following steps on how to assign those unique codes to the presale tickets:

  1.   Go to your “Manage” page and select “Discount & Access Codes” under “Invite & Promote”

2.   Select “New Code”

3.   Select “This event only”

4.   Select “Coded access to hidden tickets”
*Note this will only appear if you have made presale tickets "hidden". How to make hidden presale ticket types here.

5.   Choose “Select specific tickets from the current event”

6.   Select the presale tickets and the next release, so should allocations for presale be exhausted they can purchase the next release.

7.   Select “CSV list of codes” and upload the unique codes in a CSV file. Do not include headers in the file.
How to create CSV list of unique codes.

8.   Under “uses” specify how many tickets the code can be used for. Select "starts now" to test the ticket types and choose an end date.

9.  Click "save and finish" 

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