You have built the perfect campaign and are 100% happy with it, ready to send it out to the masses. But how do you get it out there?

You'll need to come up with a marketing plan to promote your campaign and drive direct registrations to it for the entire registration period. Best practice is to promote the campaign across all of your channels channels to both your existing and new audiences.

Once direct registrations start coming in, these fans will share the campaign with their friends and you will start to see referrals or registrations via Audience Republic too. To get the viral ball rolling here's what you need to know.

Direct Registrations
Registrations that come from your marketing channels are called "direct registrations".

Registrations Via Audience Republic
Registrations from fans who were referred to the campaign by their friends to earn points.

Ensure there is a single call to action whilst the campaign is live and all of your digital activity is driving to the campaign. EG: "Register here for presale access + WIN a Meet & Greet"
Suggested channels to promote the campaign:

  • Facebook paid advertising
  • Facebook page post
  • Facebook event post
  • Instagram ads
  • Instagram postsĀ 
  • Instagram stories
  • Email to your database (EDM)
  • Press
  • Push from mobile app (if available)
  • Facebook message (available with Audience Manager)

Best practice is daily social posts, with the link alongside engaging content like videos and photos.

Facebook Post

Instagram Post

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